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We Will Never Forget

9/11/01 I had just started freshman year of college and my mom encouraged me to take golf classes as she thought it would be a valuable skill to learn once I started my career. Having no interest in golf, I reluctantly signed up for an introductory course. Even back in college I was never an..

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“When Are You Going to Settle Down?”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOqi-XXkCnk As a 36 year old, people are constantly asking me "when are you going to settle down?" When I think of the phrase “settling down” I envision a tree, maybe a maple oak, pushing its’ roots as deep into the ground as the soil will let it. It’s as if the tree is saying..

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The Inspirationals #6: Bohemian Vagabond, a Solo Female Traveler

The Inspirationals #6: Bohemian Vagabond, A Solo Female Traveler Welcome to the sixth installment of BeFreeMySheeple.com’s The Inspirationals where I interview people who inspire me and will probably inspire you. This week I interviewed Jacki Ueng - the Bohemian Vagabond - a solo traveler and content creator from America's greatest city Los Angeles. She's traveled through over..

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Jeffrey Epstein : The Dangers of Unchecked Power

Opinion  Jeffrey Epstein was a sick man. This article is no way justifying his despicable behavior, but it’s my perspective on how vast amounts of money, power and wealth are likely creating more Jeffrey Epsteins than we know about. When I was living in LA back in 2015, I dated a gorgeous and voluptuous 26-year-old..

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