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How I Met Stan Lee

  I just heard about Stan Lee’s passing and I wanted to share how I met Stan Lee. October 5, 2010 - I was sitting a few rows behind First Class on a Virgin flight from LAX to NYC (I was already obsessed with LA). We were about 45 minutes away from landing and I..

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The Truth About Influencers

  Anybody can be an influencer, but not everybody can influence. I had 100k+ followers A lot of people congratulated me when I hit 100k followers on my Instagram. I gotta admit - it felt pretty good. But more importantly - it looked really good. People started to react differently to me when we'd exchange..

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Is Thailand Dog-Friendly?

Is Thailand Dog-Friendly? If you're obsessed with your dogs like I am and you're either thinking about moving to or visiting Thailand with your fur-babies, then read this! I'm going to talk about my personal experiences having not one - but TWO dogs with me during my 1st month in Thailand.  First - it's important..

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