Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein : The Dangers of Unchecked Power


Jeffrey Epstein was a sick man. This article is no way justifying his despicable behavior, but it’s my perspective on how vast amounts of money, power and wealth are likely creating more Jeffrey Epsteins than we know about.

When I was living in LA back in 2015, I dated a gorgeous and voluptuous 26-year-old girl that told me that she was used to dating multi-millionaires and billionaires – neither of which I was. This is probably why on our first date she told me to take her to the Four Seasons for cocktails. At the time I was making pretty good money so I was able to afford it, but it was far above the scale I normally would spend on a first date. Thai restaurants are usually good.

Four Seasons Rooftop
You can tell the drinks are expensive here

Second date was the super trendy Hollywood restaurant The Nice Guy which was of course, her choice. It was so trendy in fact that numerous paparazzi were stationed outside as celebrities were always expected there (they gave us a glance but no photos of us were taken).

The Nice Guy Los Angeles
You can tell the drinks and food are expensive here

Our third date was Toca Madera, an upscale Mexican restaurant in Beverly Hills. I don’t know why anyone would want to spend $300 on Mexican food which is essentially tortillas, meat and cheese but we were paying for the “experience” or “to be seen” I suppose.

Toca Madera
You can tell the Mexican food and margaritas are expensive here

It was after this third date and about $1,200 spent across 3 meals that we spent the night together. I don’t think I necessarily did anything right that night except for hitting that 4-digit monetary threshold.

As I got to know her I was curious about the habits of the rich and powerful men she dated. I too had just started making some significant income so I thought this information could be a peek into my potential future. Since then, the concept of chasing money has been de-prioritized in my life. Freedom & health are the new focus.

Some things she told me about herself : she was asked to be in JAV (Japanese Adult Videos) after she dated a porn producer. She had a rich boyfriend that sponsored her breast implants because he wanted every girl he was dating to have them. In his defense, over 75% of men prefer fake boobs (sorry ladies – it’s true). Likewise, I am sure 75% of women prefer men to have six packs lol. Oh how reality and expectations differ. She lived in Beverly Hills and drove a brand new Lexus. I don’t remember what her job was but that’s probably because she never had one to mention as my memory is pretty solid.

2020 Lexus
I’m sure she’s driving the 2020 Lexus somewhere around Los Angeles today

Over the next few weeks I was very curious and intrigued by the billionaire lifestyle and essentially what I learned was that the ultra-rich people are called the 1% for a reason. They live in a world that 99%+ of the planet would never understand. Here is why in my opinion, this gets dangerous.

The 1%
99%+ of us will never understand the lifestyles of the 1%

Flashback to fall 2001 and I had just stepped foot on a college campus for the first time. I joined the journalism team in an attempt to network and meet new people. It worked because I met a guy named Matt who would ultimately become one of my best friends throughout college. I also officiated his wedding in 2015. The first night on campus we got invited to a frat house. I didn’t have any experience with alcohol in high school except for the prom night after party. After two beers (Natty Light), I felt weird meaning drunk. It was a scary moment so I left the party and ran home through the dark campus. The next night I had two beers and my body had quickly adapted to that amount of alcohol. No fear!

Natty Light
Sure Natty Light might have fewer calories but does it really matter when you’re drinking 20 of them?

Eventually it was three beers, and then beer pong, and then experimenting with mixed drinks, jungle juice, shots, helicoptering bottles of Bacardi, innovative drinking games meant to encourage extreme alcohol consumption. The point is that as time went on, I needed more and more alcohol to not only achieve the same buzz but also to chase a new high (or low). Eventually came the blackouts which in hindsight was a very stupid and irresponsible point to have hit, but I was 18 with no experience with alcohol and no adult supervision for the first time in my life.

College campuses are a dangerous place for what are essentially children. There is limitless access to alcohol and no guidance. As a professor once told me, the worst thing that happened to the college education system was increasing the drinking age from 18 to 21. This made drinking something that had to be done secretly, away from adults and hidden from authorities. This incentivizes students to get as plastered as possible in secrecy before going out to the frat parties or nightlife.

If you’ve gone to college, you’ve certainly done a keg stand. Completely unnecessary.

The point is, what initially took me 2 beers to “feel good” eventually became 20+ drinks. And it wasn’t just “let’s have a drink.” It was “let’s create ridiculous drinking games like Edward 40Hands, Kings card game, beer pong, flip cup, Around the World, Alcohol Olympics” and many more. To the average person who never attended college (which is a luxury in itself), we must have looked like savage animals. Alcoholics we all were but when everyone around you is doing the same thing, this behavior becomes normalized. See where I’m going with this? I bet Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t the only one in his circle touching young girls.

Edward 40 Hands
Such a ridiculous and unnecessary game

Let’s go back to the girl I dated. So I asked her what older billionaires were like in bed. I assumed that they would do things like have sex in fancy villas, private jets or personal beaches. Instead, what she told me blew my mind. One of the older gentlemen she dated was so numb to the feeling of sex (sex is more accessible if you’re rich, wealthy and powerful so it’s easier to achieve tolerance to it), that he handed her a pizza cutter and asked that she use it to cut into his chest flesh while they had sex. He needed to bleed to feel anything. Pain at this point, was a welcomed sensation. This is how far he had to push stimulation to achieve any sort of pleasure. This is some Black Mirror type of shit. Most of us are going to read this story and think “WTF” but if sex is as obtainable and accessible to you as a cup of coffee at a bodega and you’ve had that lifestyle for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years … you might start needing to “up the ante” and start getting into what mainstream society would deem “stranger things” and at what point does that end? 

Pizza cutter
This seems normal

The point is that overexposure to any sort of stimulant whether it be alcohol, drugs or sex, can push the mind to a place that 99%+ of the world will never understand. This is how drug addicts hit rock bottom or die from an overdose (or sometimes they were sold a contaminated mix). Also throw in the fact that the ultra-wealthy can afford to operate above or outside the law, so they too engage in harmful behaviors in secret and away from authorities just like 18-year-olds on a college campus. With no supervision or authority in addition to limitless access to a stimulus, you’re enabled to push your behavior to extreme limits, almost free of consequences. Until you push too far.

I am not stating that we need to be under constant surveillance. I am merely observing how 99% of us can not and will never understand how you can go from a normal citizen to an abhorrent criminal worthy of a lifetime jail sentence. My opinion is mixed on the death penalty – although it seems Jeffrey Epstein administered the death penalty on himself.

The 1% seem to have it all but maybe “having it all” can also lead to having too much. As Biggie said, “mo money, mo problems.”

Mo Money Mo Problems Biggie
Mo Money Mo Problems is right

Now I’m not saying that everyone with vast amounts of money and power are pedophiles or sex addicts, but I would imagine that there are far more Jeffrey Epsteins in that economic class than we could imagine. Their wealth and power not only enables them but also protects them. 

To the undesirable young man who has a hard time getting laid, it might take as little as nightclub twerks to bring him to orgasm. But over time as he makes more money, builds confidence, develops his sense of humor, starts lifting weights and eats healthier, it takes more than a good twerk to achieve orgasm. Push this to the extreme – for example, a man worth $500 million with a private island, mansions, status, rich and powerful friends – and what exactly will it take? How far is that person willing to go achieve that high? Jeffrey Epstein showed us an example of these limits.

My relationship with alcohol has improved as I got older. As physical fitness and overall health have taken priority, I don’t drink as many nights a month as I used to and I also haven’t blacked out in a long time. I was able to identify that my drinking behavior was irresponsible and I was able to make a dramatic U-turn. But this comes from a decent level of self-awareness. This is where having external checks in place is helpful. That friend who says, “Hey Jimmy, maybe you’re drinking too much” or “Hey Jeffrey, maybe you shouldn’t be getting massages from underaged girls.”

Self-Awareness is one of the most important characteristics of a human. The ability to pause, reflect on your behavior, identify the problems and adjust accordingly. Evolve or die.

If you surround yourself by like-minded or similarly wealthy and powerful people, perhaps this behavior is normalized within that group. “If everyone around me is doing it, then it must be OK.” Sounds just like the college drinking problem.

It’s difficult to prescribe to a billionaire that they should “stay grounded” or be “down to earth” when they possess the means to hop on a private plane and go to their private island, but understanding how tolerance works and the increased need for more extremes to achieve the same or greater buzz can help us potentially understand or at least see the warning signs of bad behavior. Getting massages from underaged girls would be an example of bad behavior. 

Jeffrey Epsteins private island
Jeffrey Epstein’s private island. Must be nice to be rich! Or is it?

I am disappointed that Jeffrey Epstein “committed suicide” (in quotes because is that what really happened?) as I am sure some of his victims would have liked to see justice delivered, but maybe they’re happy that this monster cannot hurt or traffic another underaged girl ever again. I would like to imagine that if I ever became ultra-famous or hyper-rich I would be able to stay grounded and down to earth. All of us would like to imagine that would be the case but as we’ve seen with Jeffrey Epstein, money and power can create a slippery slope.


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