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I Am Terrified Of Dying

These are completely sober thoughts. Just hoping putting them out there can help me. Is anyone else insanely terrified of dying and the concept of death? It's gotten so bad lately that I'm thinking about seeing a CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapist). I am terrified at the concept of non-existence. I am terrified that I'm 37..

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When Karen Isn’t Being A Karen

Guest Post by Eva Hughes I was forwarded this Facebook post written by Eva Hughes about the effect that current events are having on our society, especially within diverse urban neighborhoods such as Bayside, Queens in New York City.  The Text2Speech version is available here: https://youtu.be/NBlWldfgmps *** If this is a portent of daily life..

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Thank You Ex-Girlfriends

The reality of relationships is that over 99% of them fail. Seriously. Think about all the people you’ve dated and how many of them you ended up marrying or spending happily ever after with. The average person will date dozens of people in their lifetime before choosing who to settle down with and even then,..

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