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Just Got My First YouTube Strike

I can’t keep up with Big Tech’s inconsistent Community Guidelines. As I mentioned earlier in the week, these companies inconsistently apply their rules and hide behind shadowy, ambiguous guidelines making it extremely difficult for small content creators to not only grow (as we are stepping on eggshells and learning as we go along), but also understand what we’re doing wrong. And the worst part is we do not have an easily-accessible person to contact.

I recently shared a video from a public hearing where a Georgia mom absolutely went off on the school board for enforcing mask mandates for kids which makes little sense when the CDC says children have a 99.999% survival rate from the virus. There is legit medical backing to the statement that children shouldn’t wear masks. Regardless, the video I shared was news and it was newsworthy as it remains live on many major news channels such as Fox News. You can watch the video below which I’ve uploaded to free speech-friendly Rumble.

I don’t think the issue here is the content itself (as it remains on YouTube such as here and here). I think the issue is how powerful the woman’s speech is. You can hear the emotion in her voice in her passionate (and logical) pleas to the Georgia school board. This video was generating a powerful reaction because the woman herself, Courtney Taylor, is extremely powerful.

I had a ton of comments such as:

  • she’s a lion not a sheep
  • mama bear
  • superhero
  • the hero we all need
  • you don’t mess with a mom

This video was doing well after 24 hours as you can see on the stats below. This is probably why YouTube took it down. Stop the spread before it got too big, much like a virus (we can see how well that’s going). Like a virus, people are smart, and we have other platforms that we can upload our spicier content to.

YouTube Stats

This video, in my opinion, was more about women empowerment and the lengths a mom will go to protect her children against a corrupt system rather than medical misinformation.


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2 thoughts on “Just Got My First YouTube Strike

  1. Yes, propaganda can be as passive as it is active. Suppression is the reaction of a regime that knows it has no footing in truth. The Left has gone ‘all in’, ‘Lie, cheat and steal in plain sight. If challenged, deny it outright. If shut down, what did you have to lose?’ That’s the end nature of a desperate minion craving to please it’s master. The analogies that come to mind regarding the brazenly obvious, historic level overreach and crisis amplification and half of ‘the people’s ignorance of it is ‘Stepford Wives’. Or if genuinely scared (unlike those who feign fear for political gain, like children do for favor), scared little gerbels who had the right to stay in their cages, but instead trampled on everyone else with their fears. What a vulgar time. Liberty is paramount in the face of death.

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