The Inspirationals #7: Keto Fit Rapper

The Inspirationals #7: Keto Fit Rapper

Welcome to the seventh installment of’s The Inspirationals where I interview people who inspire me and will probably inspire you.

What Is Keto? 
Exclusive Interview
Bonus Vlog

This week I had a chance to interview Sean Hykey, a ketogenic athlete that combines his love of hip hop, weightlifting and knowledge of Keto into the motivational @KetoFitRapper platform. I’ve never heard someone rapping about a diet until I connected with Sean’s page. I thought his content was entertaining af but more importantly it was informative. I always find it inspiring when someone is able to take a familiar topic and add a unique twist to engage a new audience. Sean has been growing his new followers organically by hundreds of users a month (which isn’t easy to do anymore) so he’s worth keeping an eye on. 


            What is Keto?

For those who are unfamiliar with a ketogenic diet, according toWikipedia:

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. The diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. Normally, the carbohydrates contained in food are converted into glucose, which is then transported around the body and is particularly important in fueling brain function. However, if little carbohydrate remains in the diet, the liver converts fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies. The ketone bodies pass into the brain and replace glucose as an energy source.

Keto Diet Food
How delicious does this look???

I personally have not tried the Keto diet yet, but after being a fan of his page for over a month now and seeing his results, I’ve been convinced that it’s worth trying! Before we get to the interview, check out one of his videos:

            Exclusive Interview with Sean Hykey, the KetoFitRapper


Adam Francisco: Thanks for taking the time to chat with me today. What was your inspiration when you started KetoFitRapper?

Sean (KetoFitRapper): Thanks for the spotlight! I’ve always had a talent for composing lyrics. I used to write raps for my friends and teach them exactly the way the lyrics were supposed to sound. I’ve been into weightlifting for about 12 years now. Keto has just recently become a part of my life. Tese are three components of my life that have seem to come together at the right time. 

Adam: I love the fusion you’ve created with it. How long have you been on the Keto diet?

Sean: I started the Keto diet on December 28, 2019. While I was engorging myself with food on Christmas Day, I was mentally preparing to make the transition away from sugar and carbohydrates as a way of life.

KetoFitRapper Keto Diet

Adam: I can’t imagine a life without carbs but seeing how shredded your abs are, you definitely got me intrigued. Have you tried other types of diet before?

Sean: Before Keto, high-protein, high-carbs, low-fat was all I knew. Chicken, beef, rice, potatoes, repeat. I ate eggs along with grits or oatmeal for breakfast. Surprisingly, I would be hungry again shortly after eating. Also, I’d feel tired in the middle of the day. After a few weeks of researching this issue, I concluded that my body had come insulin-resistant. Meaning, as a result of the many years of consuming a high amount of carbohydrates, my body was no longer utilizing nutrients properly. Keto has definitely fixed these issues.

KetoFitRapper Keto Diet
Cheese crust, obvi

Adam: That’s incredible. I did a lot of research about the keto diet before interviewing you and I read it might help a wide range of health issues including epilepsy in children. Pretty insane.

Sean: Yup.

KetoFitRapper Keto Diet


Adam: Huge supporter of someone creating awareness of what sounds like a promising diet. What are some of the biggest obstacles you faced and how did you overcome them?

Sean: Throughout my 20’s, I was constantly getting in trouble with the law. I was incarcerated for two three-year stints. Mentally, I was a child living in a man’s body. I lived life everyday moving forward, but looking backwards. I was in college during the day hanging out with criminals at night! My actions were those of someone who didn’t care about tomorrow, but was only living for today. Drugs, sex, and partying were the highlights of my 20’s.

Adam: Yeah – I think the key is to strike a balance. Sex and partying is OK but always in moderation.

Sean: Absolutely. Admittedly, I needed that second three-year term in prison. During this span, I completely locked in on changing myself from the inside out. Sure, I worked out and kept my body in shape. But my mind is what really needed the exercise. I met some good men behind the prison gates. These men taught me valuable life lessons. Lessons that I never had a chance to learn growing up. Treasures can be discovered in the most unlikeliest of places.

Adam: That’s an incredible story and I’m happy that you were able to figure things out for yourself. Look at you now What is your long term goal of the KetoFitRapper platform?

Sean: I want to put a new spin on the word “Keto.” At this point, people still demonize keto as something unhealthy and unsustainable. I beg to differ. I am in the best shape and health of my life. Most people can not believe that you can build muscle by eating a strict Keto diet. Keto isn’t just for getting skinny!

KetoFitRapper Keto Diet

Adam: Yeah man, you look amazing! I want your abs.

Sean: [Laughs.] Also, when you search “Keto” on any platform, you only see a bunch of Keto-friendly recipes and success stories. While both of these aspects are great, it’s still the usual “same ol’ same ol'”. I’m aiming to bring keto to the mainstream. I want to use my ability to rap to make Keto and living a fit, healthy lifestyle cool. As I say on my Instagram profile, “I add SWAG to the Keto lifestyle.”

Adam: And that’s why we’re here! What advice would you give to somebody stating a Keto diet?

Sean: I would advise them to prepare themselves MENTALLY before starting Keto. This lifestyle requires you to refrain from most sources of sugars and carbohydrates. Many people have lived their entire lives eating these types of foods. It may be difficult to imagine life without carbs. We are a product of what we tell ourselves. If your mentality says “I can’t do it” then you’re likely to fail. But if your mentality says “I realize there will be some up’s and down’s, but I plan to fight through it” you will find great success with Keto, as well as every other area of life.


Adam: Obviously you also spend a little bit of time time in the gym. What is your exercise routine like? I am sure my audience wants to know how to get your muscles.

Sean: Oh stop it! You’re embarrassing me! Actually, I’m more of a “freestyler” when I go into the gym. I usually have no idea what I’m going to do until a few minutes of going onto the gym floor. Whatever body part(s) feel the freshest is what I’ll aim to work. The key is INTENSITY. Whatever I do, I make sure that it hurts. I embrace the pain because pain is what makes us grow. Once you’ve become accustomed to living your life in uncomfortable situations, being uncomfortable becomes the norm. Whatever you do in the gym, by the end of the workout, you should be tired as hell, knowing that you gave it your all. Do this and you’ll get all the muscles you desire.

KetoFitRapper Keto Diet

Adam: Smart. They say keeping your body guessing is the best way to trigger muscle growth. I pretty much do the same thing but sounds like I should up the intensity. What kind of supplements do you take?

Sean: My primary supplement is FOOD. People think that there is some magical ingredient in supplements. But these formulas are exactly what they are: supplements. They assist, but they will not make or break your success with achieving results in the gym. I take creatine and a powdered-protein supplement for quick, convenient protein. Eating nutritious, fulfilling foods will provide all the supplementation that you need. 

KetoFitRapper Keto Diet

Adam: I agree 100%. How do you define happiness today?

Sean: Happiness is making the necessary life adjustment to begin doing what you are passionate about. As children, we are so enthusiastic about life. So hopeful and excited. As adults, we become bogged down with worries, fears, doubts, and judgement. We lose sight of our inner child. I’m happy today because I’m using my God-given abilities of making music, fitness, nutrition, and discipline to encourage others to live better lives. I’ve stopped being wrapped up materialistic things that cost time, money, and energy to maintain. The more simple we live, the happier we will be. 

Adam: Amen to that! 

            BONUS VLOG!

For those of you looking to get started on the Keto diet and are price-sensitive, Sean shares some of his cheapest healthiest high fat foods that aren’t bacon or cheese below.


Have you tried the keto diet before?

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