9 Scams to Avoid in Thailand

9 Thailand Scams To Avoid (And The Ones I Fell For)

After living in Thailand for over a year now, I thought it was time to share the list of top 9 scams to avoid in Thailand and also share the scams that I fell for.

Scams exist everywhere in the world. There are always going to be individuals looking to take your hard-earned money. From New York City where aspiring rappers try to sell you their mixtapes (which are really blank CDs) to Bangkok where tuk tuk drivers will take you to a nearby suit factory (for very overpriced suits), scams are everywhere and it’s important to be educated to avoid falling for them!

Before we get into the scams to avoid, I want to make it very clear that Thailand is an extremely safe country. I absolutely love Thailand and I see myself spending even more time here in the future. I have fallen in love with the food, the culture, the scenery, and the overall vibe of Thailand. I encourage everyone to spend an extended amount of time in this amazing county!

I am going to break this list up into 2 categories starting with full-on scams and then things that are kinda scammy (such as being considered overpriced or low value).

Unlike previous posts, the bulk of the content can be listened to on my first podcast which I’ve embedded below. You can also find it on Spotify and soon iTunes!

BeFreeMySheeple Podcast

BeFreeMySheeple Podcast by Adam Francisco


  • Ping pong shows
  • Karaoke bars in Chiang Mai
  • Jet ski rentals


  • Knockoff apparel like sneakers and cheap electronics
  • Tuk tuk & taxis
  • Bar girls
  • Custom suits 
  • ATM machines (but not why you think)
  • Dating apps

I’ll be uploading podcasts every 2 weeks and each one should be between 15-20 minutes. Topics will vary across travel, dogs, relationships and I’ll be interviewing Inspirationals there instead of doing a written blog post. If you have a topic you want covered, let me know!


What other scams should I have included?

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