America Is Not Racist

America Is Not Racist (Proof)

If you agree that the actions of a minority should not define the majority, then you’ll agree with this article. If you believe that actions of a minority should define the majority, then you will disagree.

When people say “America is racist,” or that racism defines America or that White supremacy is the greatest domestic threat, this is either a very dishonest, a misinformed, or ignorant statement. It’s been my personal observation that people who have traveled the world (and are therefore more worldly), appreciate and understand how non-racist America is. We have seen real racism and colorism in countries across Asia where no celebrity has dark skin, unless they are playing the bad guy or the rebel. Look at any cosmetic ad in almost all of Asia, and the models are as White as this blog background. Whiteness is the ideal. And often times, there are no laws against racism or colorism. In America, discrimination on an institutional level is illegal. There are literally laws against racism. A racist country wouldn’t protect people of color. But America does. You can read more about racism in Asia here. 

Look at what Korea did to Lisa from Blackpink. A talented Brown Thai girl? Not too marketable in Asia.

lisa blackpink

The first quantitative example of how America isn’t racist is Hollywood. The highest paid actor in America is Black : The Rock. People become high-paid actors because their movies drive revenue. If America was such a racist country, a Black person would not be the highest-earning actor as the audience wouldn’t support them and the directors wouldn’t allow it. As America is 73% White, you would need this demographic to see your movies and support your work on a level greater than a White actor and that’s exactly what’s happening. A racist country would not support The Rock, Manuel Lin Miranda or Will Smith. Instead, these actors are beloved with massive followings. When people hear that The Rock is going to be in a film, they are more likely to see it. This doesn’t sound very racist to me.


Going down the list of highest paid actors, 6 out of 9 are people of color. That’s 67%. Considering America is 73% White and 27% people of color, people of color are over-represented by almost 3x on the highest paid actors list. If America was such a racist country, this wouldn’t be happening. The list would be 9 White men. But it isn’t. America isn’t racist.

Highest paid actors

This also extends into the music industry as well. The top-earning artist is a Black man. Doesn’t seem very racist to me. Bonus points to Kanye for being a Trump supporter. He loved Trump so much he ran as a presidential candidate to divert votes from Biden. Thanks ‘Ye!

Top earning music artists

And look! Trump willingly and lovingly hugging a Black man. A real racist would never be caught dead hugging someone he hates. Doesn’t seem so racist to me.

Trump Kanye

And does anyone forget that America voted for a Black president when a White candidate was also running? The majority of Americans voted for a Black president. This doesn’t seem so racist to me.


As another quantitative example, this one chart ends the “America is racist” and “White supremacy is the greatest threat” in an instant.

Income by ethnicity in USA
If America was systemically racist and dominated by White supremacy, why are White Americans literally at the average income? Why are 8 different ethnic groups doing better financially than White Americans? Doesn’t seem like racism or White supremacy was much of an obstacle. And if it was an obstacle, based on this data, it was a pretty easy obstacle to overcome. In America, if you’re willing to work hard (or smart), you generally are compensated for it, regardless of your skin color (the NBA for example is 74.2% Black).

As a matter of fact, in today’s climate, if 2 equal candidates were competing for a job and 1 candidate was Black or Latino and 1 candidate was White, we all know who would be hired. Being a person of color in America today gives you bonus points due to your perceived level of oppression. Fact check: not all people of color have been or feel oppressed!

You can’t both say “Black Americans and Latinos are being oppressed due to racism” and “Asian-Americans are thriving due to their culture and work ethic.” America is either so racist, people of color cannot overcome it, oooor… racism isn’t as big of an issue as the media makes it seem, and this data is proof that it isn’t. Likewise, from this data, White supremacy doesn’t seem so supreme. Who knew that White supremacy meant average?

As yet another example, if racism was such a massive problem, then people wouldn’t feel the need to create and manufacture hate crimes because there aren’t enough real ones. It’s like a person who has bad work ethic or is very lazy. They can either blame an imaginary obstacle to minimize their personal accountability, or they can take responsibility and develop the skills needed to progress.

We all know about the Jussie Smollet fake hate crime, where he claimed imaginary MAGA-wearing assailants choked him with a noose. Turns out it was 2 Black men that he hired with the goal of growing his fame by being a victim. Victimhood pays in America these days, especially if you’re a victim of racism or White supremacy (bonus points if they voted for Trump). You can read all about his fake hate crime here.

But manufacturing racism is nothing new. Check out this tweet from Andy Ngo:


It turns out a 21-year-old Black male planted the racist graffiti himself. This is a false flag and one that trivializes actual racism that does happen in America. Even worse, stunts like this will make people question the authenticity of hate crimes or racism in the future. The boy who cried wolf…

One hate crime is one too many, but these do not define America. It is like saying everybody who attends a BLM protest burns cities down. This isn’t true and it’s unfair to label an entire group based on the bad actions of a minority.

Racists in America are the minority. As a country, we are more tolerant than we are racist. We are more willing to reward the hardest working employee because of their work ethic than their skin color. We have one of the most open dating cultures in the world. I bet every single reader here knows at least one multi-racial couple.

It may seem like America has a massive racism problem if you look at the news, but keep in mind that the news covers stories that drive emotions because emotions drives clicks which drives revenue. Follow the money people! This is why the mainstream media focuses on crimes when the criminal is White and the victim is a person of color. This generates a much stronger, visceral reaction.

As a bonus, focusing on racist incidents divides our country by racial lines. This is one of the easiest ways for a country to weaken its citizens, by dividing us and then conquering us. We become so busy fighting each other and fighting against White supremacy and systemic racism, that we inadvertently give more power to the government and we become easier to manipulate and control.

The reality is, the vast majority of people of color will never experience a hate crime in America in 2021.

And there’s growing evidence that dividing us by racial lines through the media by perpetuating a racist narrative, is increasing racist attitudes and racial solidarity which can lead to increased racism…which leads to more clickbait (and revenue). Do you see how the cycle works? The media, corporations and big tech are the most powerful entities. They can manufacture racism and profit off of it. Anybody want to buy a Black Lives Matter shirt from Starbucks? 

I also think movements like #StopAsianHate are necessary because we should stop whatever racism remains in our society, but we can only do this if we look at who is committing the crimes such as attacks on Asians honestly and transparently. We can’t beat around the bush or walk on eggshells and worry about offending someone. As Ben Shapiro says, “facts don’t have feelings.” You either want to stop racist incidents, which means you must adopt a direct approach, or you want to coddle society because people can’t handle the truth anymore. YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH (okay, my readers can, but you get the point). I have been called anti-Black because I noticed in late-2020, that according to the 2018 FBI crime statistics, Black people are most likely to attack Asian-Americans. Instead of calling facts anti-Black, how about we focus on stopping anti-Asian crimes.

FBI Crime Stats 2018

And don’t let the media fool you. Attacks on Asians aren’t happening because Trump called it the “China virus.”* Attacks against Asians have been happening for decades. This article is from May 2, 2010. Trump wasn’t the president.

San Francisco Black on Asian Crime

Of course I am not casting blame on an entire demographic. But if you are going to stop racism, you need to understand why it’s happening and you can only do that with a fact-based approach. I would rather focus first on understanding why 85% of hate crimes are happening, and then work my way down the list.

*The only reason why Trump called it the China virus is because the CCP was telling their citizens the virus originated in USA so Trump responded bluntly by reinforcing the origin (all data points to China). You can read the entire article quoted below, here.

China Virus Trump

Stephen Crowder is one of the best straight-shooters there is. Check out his video about this very topic below.

America is not a racist country. An ideological example of this is the ease and speed at which the left will label Black conservatives or people of color who support Trump “White supremacists,” “racists,” or say they suffer from “self-hatred.” I am a Mexican Jew, and I have been called both a White supremacist and a nazi on more than one occasion over the last year. My good friend Tara from the Polish American Brotherhood, a Polish woman who knows better than most of us what the Nazis did to Poland during the Holocaust, has been called a nazi for supporting Trump. My great grandmother’s siblings were killed during the Holocaust. When society reaches a point where they are calling ancestors of victims of nazis, “nazis”, they have lost their minds. They are creating racists in their heads because there are not enough racists to yell at because actual racists are extremely rare in America. There’s a shortage of racists in America, and this is a good thing.

If you meet a racist, it’s like finding a rare Pokemon. Pokemons exist (virtually of course), but good luck finding the one you need when you need him (or her, or they). And if you ever do see something racist happening, speak up. Say something. Of course do it safely or call the police if necessary, but don’t be a Karen (#BackTheBlue).

If you truly think America is racist and you’ve also never left the country or lived anywhere else for an extended period of time, do that. I recommend that everyone does some comparison shopping first before they define America as racist or say White supremacy is the greatest threat in 2021. Because it’s not. And it isn’t.

I love you America. Thank you for not being racist and letting a Mexican Jew like me thrive!

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