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COVID-19 Tactical Update (Guest Author: WORDCAST L)

COVID-19 Tactical Update


Hello All. I would like to inform you regarding a recent experience I’ve had here in BKK around Covid Rapid Antigen Testing.

BKK Bangkok
We recently made an appointment at a clinic within a large shopping mall and they said they now require either proof of double vaccination -or- come to shop and take rapid antigen test to rule out covid before procedure (laser hair removal).

I asked about the test: Rapid Antigen, Nasal Swab, Results 7-10 minutes.

I told them I am not currently vaccinated and still evaluating the medication due to my own personal health history, complications, and lack of trust, and I said that I am willing to submit to a covid antigen test, but I WILL NOT allow anyone to penetrate me nasally. And I have lost a great deal of work and cannot travel to see my parents bc of it. In my personal opinion forced nasal penetration is a form of rape, and I won’t allow it on myself or my loved ones, or allow myself or anyone I care about to be coerced into it.

Nasal Swab

I told them Rapid Antigen Saliva/Spit tests are available and I would be happy to do that in order to put their concerns at ease – otherwise we will need to begin the process of refunding the money from my package deal, so I can find another clinic who can work with me.

They said they didn’t have the saliva test, but an option would be for us to buy our own test (spit or swab) and then head to the clinic, and then we can perform the test while they supervise. I thought okay cool, that’s a concession/compromise, and I see you working, and greatly appreciate your willingness to find a way for us to do business. Shit like that is never lost on me. I know when people are trying to come to an accord and move on. So I agreed I would procure my own tests and give them a call once I was sorted. I ordered my test kits and just waited.

COVID saliva test

Well, low and behold, 6 days later they called me up excited as pigs in mud to tell me they found and secured SALIVA TESTS!!! And that I should book our appointments ASAP. I laughed and said OK that’s awesome let’s do it.

We got there, took the spit test, results in literally less than 5 minutes. BOOM!!! NO COVID. No problem. Let’s do business, Dear Service Industry!

And once we got there, they were so happy and my god the discounted merch and additional packages they had for sale, we ended up buying more sessions and the clinic MADE DESPERATELY NEEDED REVENUE – AND I FELT LIKE A HUMAN BEING WHO IS RESPECTED BY HIS FELLOW HUMAN KIND. WIN MF WIN.

For a brief moment in time – I WENT BACK TO NORMAL. I FELT NORMAL, and did a normal thing. Went to the hair laser clinic and then went out to dinner. Like a lady & gentleman. When was the last time YOU felt like a normal respectable human fucking being? Huh? Tell me.

The point of this message is this:

1. You should be ashamed of yourself if you are part of an organization that forces fellow humans to be penetrated against their will. Sure, it’s a swab and not a finger or a penis – but regardless, the act of unwanted or coerced penetration is FUCKING RAPE. Well, you’re not raping me or members of my family – especially when it’s completely fucking unnecessary due to workable available alternatives. And like I said, I would even give the swab test to myself bc when I do it to me, IT’S NOT RAPE. IT’S COMPROMISE. And it’s also not fucking hard to do – AT ALL.

2. The Customer is STILL ALWAYS RIGHT. I’ve been saying this for years, but elections are all bullshit and the only real way a person “votes” for their self interests is either with the almighty dollar, or with their time. Businesses have been fucking slaughtered by covid. They are not in a position to be making demands and if you stand your ground THEY WILL FIND A WAY TO COME TO TERMS BC THEY DESPERATELY NEED REVENUE TO STAY OPEN AND OPERATIONAL. And if they won’t work with you, tell them nicely you are moving on to their list of competition in order to see who can, if they can’t or refuse. We all have WAY MORE POWER THAN WE REALIZE, and when we vote with our money or our time, the vote is legitimate, effective, and the results are immediately tangible.

Vote with your dollars

3. If you are a governor of a business, a location, a group of people, or an important access point impacted by covid: It is on you to help preserve the God given rights of your fellow human beings. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY IS NOT TO YOUR GOVT OVERLORDS – YOUR DIRECT RESPONSIBILITY IS TO, AND ONLY TO, THE PEOPLE YOU GOVERN OR SERVICE. It’s called CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT FOR A FUCKING REASON. AND WHEN YOU FUCK IT UP, YOU LOSE EASY MONEY. And violating fellow human beings bc a government agency told you to do it is a crime which you should be punished for. STOP DOING IT. Give respect and decency back to the people who make your organizations function, and use the readily available alternatives and save your soul now before it’s too late.

4. AND TO EVERYONE ELSE…STOP SUBMITTING TO NASAL PENETRATION. You have the right to say NO and request alternatives. You are not being difficult – just think if they said a covid test could only be performed via anal swab…you wouldn’t in a million years allow that, and sure as fuck wouldn’t post pictures on FB of yourself being anally probed…so why the FUCK are you allowing it with your nose, throat, and face, when you can clear your saliva and just spit? I swear to god if I see another nose rape selfie in my timeline I will start marking them as sexually inappropriate. It’s baffling to me how docile, submissive, and stupid many people have become. Stop allowing other people to do freaky shit to you, just bc of a stupid fucking virus. It’s pathetic and you must be much much much stronger, or there will be no end to this madness and it will only get horribly worse. Stand up. Be strong. Voice your concerns and feelings, and demand to be heard and respected by your leaders and gatekeepers, and do it calmly, patiently, and respectfully. We are entering a great period of negotiation – and you must learn quickly that you have the advantage and ability to request alternatives which satisfy everyone involved AND CONTINUE TO DRIVE TOWARD THE OVERAL SAFETY AND SANCTITY OF BOTH YOURSELF AND THE LARGER GROUP.




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