Coronavirus Endgame

OPINION: The Coronavirus Endgame? (With Sources)

 I’ve been tracking the coronavirus  since late-January so I’ve stayed up to date with most of the news hitting both mainstream and alternative news sites. Here is what I think the coronavirus is really about (with source). Welcome to The Coronavirus Endgame.

The Coronavirus Endgame

  1. It’s appearing more and more likely that the coronavirus was leaked from a lab in Wuhan which means it was bioengineered to some degree. I am using the term “bioengineered” to mean that it’s been studied and likely altered within their laboratory. It has many similarities to SARS but far less deadly (2-3% vs 10% fatality rate … perhaps this was by design). SourceCOVID19 Coronavirus Sars
  2. The timing of coronavirus spreading before Lunar New Year, the largest global migration event (3 billion trips made), is a giant red flag. The absolute best time to release a virus would be Lunar New Year. Is this just a coincidence? SourceLunar New Year Migration
  3. The virus has no symptoms for up to 27 days yet can still be transmitted. Any person can be a Trojan horse. Temperature scans are essentially worthless. The less deadly it is and the fewer symptoms that appear, the faster it can spread and the more fear it can generate. Is this also a coincidence? Or was this by design? SourceHealthy People
  4. China was losing the trade war to USA. They hate Trump. “Trump has the upper hand, for the moment. The U.S has greater geopolitical power and bigger GDP per capita.” Source
    USA vs China Trade War
  5. The analysts were predicting a market crash for years now yet there was no reason for one. Fed rates were low, unemployment was at all-time low, companies were crushing revenues and earnings across most industries, stock market hit all-time high with no stop in sight. Since coronavirus fear spread, “Stocks tumbled for a seventh consecutive day on Friday, with the S&P 500 index falling about 0.8 percent, bringing its loss for the week to about 11.5 percent. It was the worst weekly decline for stocks since the 2008 financial crisis.” SourceStock market crash from coronavirus
  6. Enter coronavirus. Once mainstream, it almost immediately destroyed the global economy. Supply chain got fucked. Soon schools, business, and mass transportation will be shut down in USA. All of this right before … SourceChina global supply chain
  7. Election time. China wants to cause havoc. By crashing the global economy they knew USA would be hit the hardest and undo all the progress made by the Trump administration. No President would be able to stop this mess yet there is going to be the perception that Trump failed and this will be the biggest stain on his presidency, not the fake impeachment. Instead of Russian hackers, we potentially have a Chinese bioweapon. SourceDonald Trump
  8. The case fatality rate is only 2% so it’s not a deadly disease. But it doesn’t have to be. The goal was never to wipe out humanity. The goal was to destroy the global economy and get Trump out of office as China could not out-maneuver Trump in negotiations (that’s why they removed half of their tariffs a few months ago). If a few weakened or immune system-compromised people die along the way, that’s called collateral damage. Source
  9. The world revolves around money and power as power leads to money. China was well on its way to becoming a superpower but the first major obstacle they faced was a strong American president that wouldn’t let them screw us any longer. And this of course, was unacceptable to them. A White House without Trump means China can become more powerful. SourceUSA China GDP
  10. The one wild card in play is which country will find a vaccine or cure and when they find it. It’s going to be an economic bloodbath until this happens which could take months if not a year. My suggestion? Buy buy buy. Because in a year, we will be back to where we started. SourceCoronavirus cure or vaccine

Global economy crash. Trump out of office. That’s the endgame.

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