Patriot Roundtable Podcast

Patriot Roundtable Podcast : Uncensored Unfiltered Patriot Talk

This week I was a guest on the Patriot Roundtable Podcast, created and hosted by Paint The Trump  and Samir, two fellow patriots who love USA.

As many of you know, Big Tech is censoring Conservatives, Republicans and Trump supporters leaving us with few places to freely express ourselves. I am currently shadowbanned on Instagram (I currently get 1% visibility) and Tik Tok (I have 0% discoverability on the “for you page”).  I’m in the clear on Facebook and YouTube but only because I go to great lengths to self-censor and ensure my content is “milk toast” (as Tim Pool says).

I greatly appreciate platforms like Rumble, Odyssey and Gettr for (for the most part) keeping freedom of speech as the focus of their platforms. My only issue is that they operate (mostly) as echo chambers for Conservatives, Republicans and Trump supporters. We aren’t changing minds and instead we are preaching to the choir, but at least we’re free to speak our minds, even when it goes against the mainstream narrative.

If you’re like me and think every American should the right to voice their opinion, even if they’re wrong, then it would make sense to support Trump who is currently fighting against Big Tech with a significant lawsuit that I hope he wins. After all, if they can ban Trump, who can’t they ban?

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Patriot Roundtable Podcast, as Paint the Trump says…

“DO IT!”


If you’d like to support my work, since paid corporate sponsorships have flown out the window ever since I openly supported Trump, you can do so at my Patreon. Everything I do is self-funded so any and all help is appreciated.

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