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Diversity is one of the things that makes America great. Diversity of ethnicity, skin color, profession, religion, life experiences, sexuality and ideas is a core fundamental feature of the USA. While the establishment media, corporations, education system and government tries to return our country to a single narrative by censoring and shadow-banning anyone that deviates from the mainstream message, We The People have a responsibility to push back by the creating content we want. That’s why we created The T&A Show.  

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The T&A Show is hosted by the Polish-Filipina Tara Szczepanski and myself, the adopted-at-birth Mexican Jew. While skin color is of little importance to us (character matters more than color), identity politics has arguably been the most important political strategy for the Democrats and left-wing establishment. For example, Kamala Harris was an awful pick as Vice President (just look at the border crisis that she is supposedly in control of), but the Dems knew if they could run on “the first Black” and “the first woman” VP, that would be enough to get social justice warriors and low-informed voters to vote for them. 

(I won’t even get into my thoughts on the 2020 election. We all know who won).

I’ll admit that I was going to vote for Hillary in 2016 because I thought “it would be cool to see a woman as President.” At the time, I was an apolitical and low-informed voter. I had absolutely no idea what her policies and platform were about. All I knew was that she was a woman and would “break the glass ceiling” (which I now realize no longer exists in the USA because whatever gender pay gap exists can be explained by a number of non-gender related factors). You can watch the video below by Jordan Peterson about the gender pay gap.

The bottom line is we need to fight back peacefully and patriotically by using the same tactics that have worked so well for the left. The Democrats have convinced a good portion of America that “if you vote for Trump, you ain’t Black.” This is not only false, but it is extremely offensive and even racist. It is essentially saying that Black Americans are a monolith and must think a certain way to maintain their “Blackness.” And this was said by Biden on national TV!

Trump supporters (like myself), Republicans, and conservatives are not only just as diverse as Democrat voters are, but we are truly the tolerant party. We want free speech for everyone, even if it’s speech we do not agree with or speech that has been proven false. We don’t want targeted censorship or the silencing of our political opponents. There’s a reason the freedom of speech is our first amendment, because it’s that important to the fundamental values of the USA.

I always say that if a Trump-supporter sees a Black guy in a MAGA hat, we see the MAGA hat first and the skin color second and we say “You’re one of us.” If a Biden-voter sees a Black guy in a MAGA hat, they see skin color first and the MAGA hat second and say “How can you support Trump when you’re Black? You’re the black face of White supremacy.” For real. This is an actual headline that ran.

LA Times Black Face White Suprmacy

Larry Elder

The T&A Show just kicked off season 2, and we have already hosted Black politicians, Asian-American content creators, a Peruvian-American activist, an unvaccinated French-American TV broadcaster and a Filipina transgender beauty pageant queen.

Kataluna Enriquez

Unfortunately, we live in a society that unless you echo the mainstream narrative by posting a black square on your social media page, or listing your preferred pronouns in your bio, you are undeserving of having your voice heard. Even asking questions is now a ban-able offense and you will be shunned and sent to the internet depths of hell! This is un-American and this is wrong.

Diversity is a fundamental feature of The American Dream, and we are here to shine a spotlight on it, regardless of political ideology.  

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