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Trump Launches New Communication Platform

Trump Desk

Trump recently launched his new communication platform, “From The Desk Of Donald J Trump” which you can check out here. This has given Trump the ability to communicate directly with his supporters without the threat of being censored or banned. And the best part is that he gets more than the 280 character-limited bestowed upon us minions.

As someone who has experienced his fair share of absurd content strikes and shadowbans, our big tech oligarchs and overlords have given Trump no other option but to launch his own platform.

What I like

I like that Trump is back. This is Peak Trump. You literally can’t hold him down. If anything, big tech’s decision to erase Trump’s voice highlighted the lengths that the radical left will go to silence him. In a country where free speech is the first amendment (and also understanding that “they’re private companies and they can do whatever they want,” as the radical left defends the ban), this is a shocking way to treat a former president who led America to new heights. It will strengthen the support from his base.


I like that Trump is no longer limited by 280 characters. Trump has a lot to say, and his supporters love listening. What the never-Trumpers don’t understand is that Trump writes like he speaks, making his writing very approachable and always in his tone. As a New Yorker myself, I appreciate a man who is blunt and direct and says the ugly truth, as opposed to a 50-year politician who sounds presidential (barely) but hurts communities (Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill, or standing against gay marriage). I also think the longer format is better-suited for Trump as he won’t be tempted to tweet sharable sound bytes. He has more room to express himself and I think this can work in his favor.

Trump Desk

I like that Trump is updating it often. As far as I’m concerned, the more Trump the better. I want to hear Trump’s opinions on current events in real time, something that he gave us on Twitter and that Twitter taketh away.  Trump seems to be posting content a few times a day.

Trump’s content is easily sharable. Every post includes a Facebook and Twitter share button. This is hilarious that he chose to only include the two platforms that banned him. Like it or not, his content is going to make its way onto their platforms via his supporters, which via Politico, is allowed:

A Twitter spokesperson told POLITICO in a statement Tuesday that sharing content from Trump’s new site — “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” — generally “is permitted as long as the material does not otherwise violate the Twitter Rules.”

I personally will not share his content on social media (outside of Rumble) due to the vast number of shadowbans, strikes and content limitations I already have on my accounts.

What I Don’t Like

Trump doesn’t have a views or likes counter. I think Trump needs to rub it in the faces of big tech how influential he remains, despite everything they’ve thrown at him. As a man who achieved 150 million social media followers, he likely is reaching a similar amount through his new endeavor. Even if the views and likes aren’t coming from his page directly, they are likely being shared like wildfire across all platforms.

Trumps posts do not have comments. You can’t comment directly on Trump’s posts. Trump is beloved. Even with all of his haters, he always had a ridiculously positive YouTube like-dislike ratio and it was very difficult to find a negative comment in the deluge of positive ones. Biden however, faces the opposite situation and it truly is demoralizing. See below from NationalFile.

Biden YouTube Inauguration Biden YouTube comments

I’m thrilled that Trump is back online and fully operational. And word is that Trump still intends on launching a new social media platform with an emphasis and focus on free speech. Once it’s up, I’ll be bringing my talents there.


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