The Hero We All Needed

Sometimes social media fulfills its promise of being media that’s social. What I mean is sometimes a person will create a piece of content that is so powerful and so moving, that it goes viral and that person achieves instant fame overnight.

I was forwarded the video below featuring Alexia S. Williams (@savedfrommyselfxx) and I almost immediately cancelled my entire belief system about marriage and purchased an engagement ring to blindly ask her to be my wife knowing nothing more than what this video contains. The passion in her voice, the blunt and direct choice of words, the “you do you, and I’ll do me” mentality simply made this beautiful woman even more beautiful.


We’ve finally met a person who has expressed in clear and perfect terms how many us are feeling about COVID and the vaccines.

I don’t know much about Alexia outside of her being beautiful with brains to match, but from her Instagram it looks like she’s already someone’s wife (I guess I’m out), a mother (her children are fortunate to have a free thinker for a mom) and a blogger (her YouTube channel is here). She’s also an advocate for sobriety and mental health, both very important causes.

I’ve already watched her Instagram follower count double overnight (she’s up to 12.5k followers) so it looks like we have a new influencer to keep an eye on. I am going to try and have her as a guest on The T&A Show.

Alexia, you have become the voice for so many people whether or not you intended to be. You are the hero we all needed. And you’re absolutely right. Fuck COVID.


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