St Augustine Florida

St. Augustine – One Of Florida’s Most Beautiful Cities!

For those of you considering a trip to Florida, put St. Augustine high on your list, especially if you’re looking for a romantic getaway complete with beautiful scenery (for your IG pics) and delicious eats!

Quick history lesson. St. Augustine is known as the longest continuously inhabited settlement in the United States (proper), settled by Spanish explorers since 1565. You will instantly see and feel the European influence from the architecture to the overall design and look of the city. It’s almost like stepping into a time machine and teleportation device all at once.

I recently picked up the new Google Pixel 4a with Google Fi and I decided to take my new phone out for a spin. I was super impressed with the quality of the camera. The Google Pixel 4a camera is capable of taking incredible shots in both daylight and at nighttime, with or without flash.

Famous Casa Monica Hotel
This is the famous Casa Monica Hotel in St. Augustine. The public parking lot is right down the street making this one of the first sights you’ll come across. Let’s take a step inside.
Casa Monica Hotel in St.Augustine
The inside of the Casa Monica Hotel is absolutely beautiful. The architecture and the colors really feels like you’ve been transported to Spain. I’ve never stayed here, but it’s high on my list.
Flagler College in St. Augustine
Right across the street from the hotel is Flagler College. This place looks like a castle.
I met this guy on the way to Georga Street, St. Augustine’s version of Main Street. He found a new use for a mask while he sipped his bubbly prosecco. The Google Pixel 4a camera once again impressed me. It captured the vibrant colors of his shirt while also capturing the more neutral tones.
Seafood Company in St. Augustine
The outdoor eating area of Seafood Company, a cheap eats restaurant for delicious Po’ Boys! Emptier than usual due to COVID.
Auggie's Draft in St. Augustine
This saloon has a hydration station for your fur babies. Raindrop and Cloud took a much-needed sip of water!
Crucial Coffee in St. Augustine
I stumbled upon this adorable and vintage coffee shop called Crucial Coffee. The manager gave me a brief history of the building. This coffee shop was built inside a 400 year old stable. Their seasonal pumpkin latte was a game-changer.
St Augustine Shopping
There are so many adorable shopping centers in St. George’s. Lots of hidden gems to be found, especially in the pet store Fifi’s Secret (a play on Victoria’s Secret).
St. Augustine Shopping
One of my favorite pics of St. Augustine. The Google Pixel 4a does such an incredible job of capturing the little details like the reflection off the tiles.
St. Augustine At Night
Even at night, without flash, the Google Pixel 4a is able to capture St. Augustine’s architecture in all its’ glory.
St. Augustine Statue
I tried to be artsy and focus the camera on the rose using portrait mode. I think this came out pretty good, especially in a low-light environment!
Thank you St Augustine
Thank you for the memories as always St. Augustine! Friendly people, delicious food and beautiful scenery.

Hope you guys enjoyed my first photo blog and few cities in America are as deserving as St.Augustine! This was made possible by the Google Pixel 4a. All pictures are untouched and unfiltered. Because I am a generous guy, please feel free to use any pictures here and if you’re equally as generous, you can give credit as @adamfrancisco.



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