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America Is Not Racist (Proof)

If you agree that the actions of a minority should not define the majority, then you'll agree with this article. If you believe that actions of a minority should define the majority, then you will disagree. When people say "America is racist," or that racism defines America or that White supremacy is the greatest domestic..

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My Worst First Date

I went on a nightmare first date in 2018. I was leaving LAX for NYC and I met a beautiful girl on the plane seated a few rows in front of me. As Saweetie said, “that’s my type.” Ethnically ambiguous (but mostly Asian), curvy but tight, balayage hair, tan skin, facial piercing, foreign accent (from..

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Why Americans Should Care About Myanmar

This article was submitted by a United States citizen who now resides in Myanmar and has witnessed the atrocities by the Myanmar military (Tatmadaw). Due to safety concerns, he asked to keep his identity anonymous. WHY SHOULD AMERICA CARE ABOUT MYANMAR? As I write this at least 550 people (as of April 3, 2021) have..

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