Pet-Friendly Hotels in Thailand (Bangkok)


I wanted to put together a list of the best pet-friendly hotels in Thailand that I have stayed at in the past 6 months. If you’re like me, you consider your dogs family and you want to travel the would with them in style and in comfort. I have been living exclusively out of hotels since October 1st so I have found some of the best pet-friendly hotel deals across Thailand.

This is going to be an on-going series with cities such as Hua Hin, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Koh Phangan & more being added. As I travel to Vietnam next month (and then South America towards the end of 2019), I will create pet-friendly hotel guides for each city. You can find them on my homepage under Dogs>Pet-Friendly Hotels.

Back in November when I first arrived to Thailand, I answered the question : Is Thailand Dog-Friendly? Five months later, my opinion remains that Thailand is very dog-friendly. I’ve had significantly more positive experiences than negatives ones. The hotels below are being listed in alphabetical order. 

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Pet Friendly Hotels in Thailand Bangkok

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Thailand (Bangkok)

Aspira Hana Serviced Residence

66 Soi Thonglor 23, Khlongtan Nuer, Watthana, Sukhumvit, Wattana, 10110 Bangkok, Thailand

Charge of 500 baht per night per pet (maximum 10 kg pet is allowed)

BeFreeMySheeple Aspira Hana

How They Describe Themselves:“Aspira Hana Residence Thong Lor is a brand new serviced apartment conveniently located in one of the city’s trendiest neighborhoods for dining and night out.”

Location: Aspira Hana is located in Thong Lor which is one of my favorite areas of Bangkok because it’s clean and more upscale. With a large Japanese population, many of Bangkok’s pet-friendly hotels and condos are located in Thong Lor making this specific neighborhood more pet-friendly (you’ll find cute little pet shops). There’s also many Japanese restaurants with my favorite one being Shakariki 432″ (get the “penis dessert.”). You’re also a short cab ride away from RCA, the club district of Bangkok. Massages, hair salons and cosmetic surgery is available all over Thong Lor. I was also excited to find a number of mixology bars. Cocktails!

Room Pros: The rooms in Aspira Hana are beautifully designed and decorated. The pet-friendly rooms are located on the 2nd floor. Each hotel room has a washing machine which is convenient because Bangkok is considered the hottest city on the planet (so you’re going to sweat a lot). If you like to cook, there’s a kitchenette (but why would you want to when you’re in Thailand surrounded by all the eats???)! I also had a king-size bed (which at this point in my life is a mandatory). The bathrooms are very clean, spacious and modern. And the toilets have those jet-streams to leave your butt sparkling clean!

Room Cons: The rooms did not come with a drier so you have to dry your clothes the old school way by letting them air-dry on the balcony. 

Hotel Pros: The hotel is very safe. There’s security 24/7 as well as parking. On the rooftop is a mini-gym (treadmill, dumbbells) as well as a pool. There are no buildings obstructing the sun so you can get your tan on all day. There’s also a free coffee machine in the lobby (I recommend the matcha green tea latte).

Hotel Cons: During my stay, there was a lot of construction in the area making it sometimes difficult to sleep in late. Not the biggest issue because I’m a deep sleeper but definitely something to call in advance and ask about. But then again, you’re in Thailand! It’s better to wake up and explore the city!

Recommended for: Those who are looking for a more sophisticated take on Bangkok.

Favorite Restaurant: My favorite restaurant in walking distance from the hotel is Somtum Der, Isan-inspired Thai food that’s both cheap and delicious. This restaurant is also in New York City’s East Village but the prices in Thailand are way, way cheaper. 

BeFreeMySheeple Aspira Hana Thonglor
Rooftop Pool
BeFreeMySheeple Aspira Hana Thonglor
3 gentlemen

The Kaze 34 Hotel and Serviced Residence

66 Sukhumvit Rd, Soi Sukhumvit 34, Klongton, Klongtoey, Khlong Toei, 10110 Bangkok, Thailand

2,000 baht security deposit for pets

BeFreeMySheeple Bangkok Thailand Pet Friendly Hotels Kaze 34

How They Describe Themselves:“The hotel and residence is situated in the heart of Sukhumvit Road. The wide array of sizes allows you to choose the unit most suited to your lifestyle with cheap and chic prices.”

Location: Kaze 34 is located in Khlong Toei, a few blocks from the main road Sukhumvit which has everything you want in Bangkok from cheap eats, massages, to an ultra-fancy mall (EmQuartier) as well as my favorite public park in Bangkok (Benjasiri). The park is great because it has basketball courts as well as a random assortment of dumbbells and barbells (and it’s FREE).

Room Pros: I have stayed at 2 different types of rooms at The Kaze. The first room (pictured up top) is the more modern room at a slightly higher price. This room is modern, clean and colorful. Like an apartment, you’ll have a bedroom, living room and dining area. It’s fantastic if you need or want a lot of space. The other room was a bit outdated but still very spacious (pictured below). From what I hear, they are renovating all rooms so every room will be a winner. Also, the rooms have a washing machine (again, very important in Bangkok due to the vast amounts of sweat you will generate).

Room Cons: The only con is if you’re expecting the newer rooms and you get the older one. If you’re unsure, just call and ask in advance. Very helpful customer service.

Hotel Pros: The hotel is very safe. There’s security 24/7 as well as parking. There’s a vending machine right outside the lobby for late-night beverages (non-alcoholic). They also have tuk tuk service available between 9-7 to bring you to Sukhimvit (the main road) and back. The manager also speaks perfect English.

Hotel Cons: One thing to keep in mind is that the hotel is a bit hard to find as it’s located in the middle of winding roads so taking the hotels’ tuk tuk is recommended. Otherwise, it’s a deceptive 15 minute walk to Sukhumvit.

One thing to keep in mind is that the hotel is a bit hard to find as it's located in the middle of winding roads. 

Recommended for: Those who are looking for a true apartment-style hotel at a great price in a quite neighborhood.

Favorite Restaurant: I must have eaten at Im Chan every day. It’s located on the corner of Sukhimvit and Soi Ari. Fantastic food and very cheap! As an additional note, if you’re married or with your wife, do not get a massage on Soi Ari as tempting as it looks as you’re eating pad Thai.

BeFreeMySheeple Bangkok Thailand Pet Friendly Hotels Kaze 34
Tuk tuk!

BeFreeMySheeple Bangkok Thailand Pet Friendly Hotels SillemonZeds 

37 Thanon Samsen, Wat Sam Phraya, Phra Nakhon, 10200 Bangkok, Thailand

No pet fee

How They Describe Themselves: “Located in Bangkok and with Khao San Road reachable within a 9-minute walk, Zeds provides a terrace, non-smoking rooms, free WiFi and a shared lounge. “

Location: What makes Zeds such an ideal location is that it’s close to many of Bangkok’s top tourist attractions such as Chao Phraya river (lots of upscale restaurants), The Grand Palace (absolutely stunning and worth spending 2-3 hours) and the world-famous backpacker center of the universe, Khao San Road. I’ve already featured Khao San Road on my blog twice: (1) The Craziest Party Streets I’ve Been To In The World!!! (2) Celebrating a 35th Birthday in Bangkok, Thailand

Room Pros: I’ve seen Zeds go by 2 different names, Zeds Hostel and Zeds Innovative Guest House. I think both names are appropriate because they offer both shared rooms (the hostel experience) and single rooms (with a private bathroom). The architecture is what makes this hotel completely unique. The hotel (including the rooms) is designed from massive industrial storage containers which is certainly innovative. How cool is that? The manager also wanted to point out that they use organic products in the bathroom as they believe in sustainability (and yes, they smelled delicious…lemongrass). I stayed in both single rooms that they offer (room 301 and 302) and while they are on the smaller side, the design makes them feel quite spacious. I especially loved the romantic lighting and unique design elements featured in each room.

BeFreeMySheeple Bangkok Pet Friendly Zeds

Room Cons: If you’re living out of a giant suitcase like I am, then the rooms are little bit too small but chances are, you have a normal suitcase so these rooms will totally work for you.

Hotel Pros: The location here is outstanding. You’re inches away from cheap eats, massages, and 7/11, the most important store in Thailand (ask a local where to get something and the answer is almost always “7/11.”). There’s also a rooftop with a decent view. I believe a pair of French bulldogs live on-site. So cute!

BeFreeMySheeple Bangkok Pet Friendly Zeds

Hotel Cons: The entrance is a bit difficult to find at first as you have to go through a small alleyway and enter from the back of the building. Also, the door is a bit tight so you’ll need to learn how to open both doors in order to get larger luggage pieces through. There’s no elevator in this hotel so if your luggage is heavy, get ready for a workout.

BeFreeMySheeple Pet Friendly Hotel Bangkok Zed

Recommended for: Those who want easy access to Khao San Road, one of the greatest party streets in the universe.

Favorite Restaurant: I would just walk to Khao San Road and eat all the delicious street food! And if you try the scorpion, send me a video of you eating it!


Have you stayed at a pet-friendly hotel in Bangkok that you absolutely loved? Leave a comment or you can e-mail me If you enjoyed reading/watching this, you can follow me on Instagram, @adamfrancisco & @befreemysheeple.

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Is Thailand Dog-Friendly?

Is Thailand Dog-Friendly? If you’re obsessed with your dogs like I am and you’re either thinking about moving to or visiting Thailand with your fur-babies, then read this! I’m going to talk about my personal experiences having not one – but TWO dogs with me during my 1st month in Thailand. 

First – it’s important to know that I have what are considered small breed dogs : a Yorkie (Raindrop) & a Shih Tzu (Flex). Combined, my dogs weigh 28 lbs (or 12.7 kg). If needed, I can always quickly scoop my dogs up and carry them.  I also have the option of putting them in dog bags and carrying them. If I zip the bags shut, most people won’t even realize I have dogs with me.

I love all dogs but I’ve always preferred smaller breeds because they’re simply more convenient due to their size.

Before we get into it…

Is Thailand safe for my dogs?

The answer is mostly yes! I did a lot of research before moving to Thailand and the safety of my dogs was of utmost importance.  In Thailand, I at least know my dogs will not end up on a dinner plate.

So, is Thailand dog-friendly?

Thailand is a weird combination of being very dog-friendly and then not dog-friendly. Here’s some observations from my 1st month living in the Land of Smiles.

PRO: Whenever I walk down the street with my dogs, most people smile or make kissy noises at them. Thai people love dogs.

CON: Bangkok is the hottest city in the world and I quickly realized the impact this has on my dogs. It simply is not safe to take your dogs for long walks during the day-time due to the high temperatures and humidity. My solution was to invest in a baby stroller so I now look like a crazy dog daddy. Yolo?

Me in Khao San Road in 2018.

PRO: While many Asian countries continue to eat dogs today, Thailand is one of the few where eating dog never became part of their culinary history (outside of few remote villages). Since then, the Thai government passed animal welfare laws in 2014 for dogs, cats and other animals. Bravo! You can read more here

CON: Many streets do not have full sidewalks so you have to share the road with cars & motorbikes. I strongly recommend keeping your dogs on a short leash while walking them.

PRO: Some restaurants & spas (that aren’t dog-friendly) have allowed my dogs in (when I have them in the baby stroller) without much fuss. After they see how well-behaved they are, I’m basically allowed in with my dogs after that (with or without stroller).

Foot massages with my kids.

CON: Not only are there homeless dogs in Thailand, but many owners keep their dogs unleashed in front of their stores or in a front yard that isn’t closed. If your dog likes to bark at every dog he sees or hears, you’ll have dogs seemingly coming out of nowhere!

PRO: There are a number of hotels, spas, cafes and restaurants that are dog-friendly catering to this specific audience. In America, your dog has to be a Service Dog to be allowed into an indoor restaurant (or most establishments) and even (some) pet-friendly hotels will charge fees but here it really just seems up to ownership/management.

Note : I have successfully snuck my dogs into some non-pet friendly hotels & restaurants by keeping them in their stroller or in their bags. If it’s in a stroller and whatever’s in the stroller is quiet, people assume it’s a sleeping baby. WRONG. It’s 2 awesome dogs. #winning

CON: If you happen to be in a grassy area, insects will swarm your dogs. I put Raindrop & Flex in their baby stroller on a grass field and Raindrop started freaking out. I quickly checked on her and ants had climbed all the way up the stroller and were covering my dogs bodies. These tropical ants are lit. No wonder Thai dogs prefer sleeping on concrete here.

PRO: If your dogs love the beach, it seems like all beaches in Thailand are dog-friendly as there are a number of local beach dogs already hanging out.  When I lived in Los Angeles, I’d have to drive to specific beaches.

CON: It’s sometimes very hard to find a taxi that will accept your dogs. This is very frustrating when I have places to be (luckily I don’t really have places to be because I’m a digital nomad😂).

PRO: Thailand uses Grab (instead of Uber) and you have the option to pick a motorbike. So far I haven’t had any issues holding my dogs on the back of a motorbike. If your dogs like to stick their heads out your car window when you’re driving, then they’ll love this!

CONDogs cannot fly in-cabin on any Thai airplanes. They must be in-cargo. If you have to fly your dog in/out of Thailand, try to schedule your flight at night when temperatures have cooled down.

PRO: Even the temple grounds are dog-friendly! While your dogs cannot go into the temple themselves, they’re more than welcome to hang out outside of the temple. I saw many monks with pet dogs. 

At Big Buddha Phuket. Epic.


CON: There are street dogs here so they are untrained animals which means they piss, shit & bark wherever they want so there’s a perception from some people (likely non-dog owners) that all dogs will piss, shit & bark in their place of business.

PRO: Thai women love dogs. I think all women love dogs. As a single guy, this helps. If you’re single, get dogs. You won’t be as needy and you’ll automatically become more desirable. If you’re not single, get dogs so when your inevitable breakup happens, you won’t care as much because you’ll have unconditional love from your dogs. Just make sure you figure out who owns the dogs before you get them. The worst thing is losing your dogs during the break-up.

CONEmotional Support Animals and Service Animals are yet to be recognized in Thailand so even if your dog is required for an actual medical need, this isn’t recognized or protected by any laws (yet).

PRO: Many restaurants and bars have outside seating areas, so even if the restaurant or bar is not dog-friendly, you can still sit outside with them. 

With Jeff Bukhari – still single.

CON: Most public parks are so perfect for dogs with grassy areas & huge parks to play fetch in, but many of them are not dog-friendly. 

PRO: Getting your dogs groomed or going to the vet is so cheap here! The following services were $80 total!:

-2 dog haircuts
-2 dog nail clippings
-2 dog anal gland cleanings
-2 dog teeth cleanings
-2 vet appointments
-2 medications (for ear infections)

CON: But pet stores are expensive. Buying high-quality dog food costs about the same price as the US. 

PRO: You get to live in Thailand, the Land of Smiles, with your best friend(s)???? What else could be better!!!

So there you have it. Some idea of what to expect if you bring your dog(s) to Thailand. Just make sure you go through the entire pet permit & import process correctly. It’s a bit of a headache but I was able to figure it out with a little help from a Thai friend.

My next article will include some of the best dog-friendly hotels that I’ve stayed at so far.

If you have any questions about owning a dog in Thailand, feel free to contact me

And of course follow me on Instagram, @adamfrancisco & @befreemysheeple.

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Wigwam Arizona : My Weekend At this Historic (and Delicious) Resort

Arizona has always been one of my favorite West Coast getaways so when I was invited to check out The Wigwam in Litchfield Park, I was in! Here’s some highlights from my weekend at this historic (and delicious) resort. 

The Wigwam is a truly stunning and perfectly-maintained resort

The Resort

The first thing I noticed was how immaculate the resort was. You can immediately tell that they put a lot of effort into making sure everything looks beautiful. This really is an upscale resort. If I’m on vacation, I want the place I’m staying to be both beautiful & clean and Wigwam nails it on both fronts.

I later found out that they change the grass every season (different grass does better during different seasons). For those who haven’t been here yet, this herculean task  cannot be overstated: The Wigwam sits on 440 acres and includes 3 professional 18-hole golf courses. They reset the grass 4 times a year. Insane!

The style of the buildings is what’s referred to as Territorial Adobe so while the outside has a historic feel, the rooms themselves are spacious and modern. The Wigwams refers to their hotel rooms as “casitas” (little homes) as they’re much larger than your typical hotel or resort stay.


I had never heard of FootGolf until The Wigwam and it is such a fun sport! It’s a combination of soccer (which I’m not very good at) and golf (which I’m also not very good at) but it doesn’t matter if you’re good at either because its a lot of fun! Same rules as golf just with a soccer ball (and a lot more fast paced)! I also found out through Instagram that there’s a professional FootGolf league. You can check them out here @southwestFGC! It was 105 degrees the day I played so I was able to get a tan too.

FootGolf, a combination of soccer & golf at The Wigwam


Despite being into fitness, I do enjoy mixology and The Wigwam does not disappoint! Through September 3rd, they’re celebrating the last decade through their Centennial Cocktail Menu (a different drink from each generation). I tried their 1950s Piña Colada, 1980s Bramble & (being from New York City) their 2010 Manhattan Revival. Delicious trio of drinks (the Piña Colada was my fave).

3 cocktails from The Wigwam Bar’s Centennial menu

Also, I gotta shout out their Berry Margarita. I never thought of adding fresh berries to my margarita but they did it here and it was delicious. Nothing beats a fruity Mexican cocktail!

Berry Margarita from The Wigwam

The Food

If you’re visiting The Wigwam, make sure you come hungry! The Wigwam is a foodie’s paradise (If you like food porn, check out my friend’s IG @thefoodiearticles). 

I received an invite to The Wigwam’s famous monthly “Wine Dinner Series” which features an incredible 4-course meal paired with wine by Plumpjack, Cade & Odette. Between each meal, Chef Jason Paterno would discuss his inspiration behind each dish and a Sommelier would give details about the wine’s history and why it was paired with that dish. Not only was this dinner delicious, but it was very educational as well.  The dinner had a number of repeat, local customers so you know this dinner is well-liked.

Check out this savory menu : 

Incredible menu from Chef Jason Paterno

There’s 2 dishes that I must talk about: 

  1. Chef Jason Paterno’s Pork dish (with plum, blueberry, corn & mustard : the texture of this pork melts in your mouth. 
  2. Litchfield’s Diver Sea Scallops (with risotto, sweet corn, tomato, bacon, mascarpone & basil) : this a crowd-pleaser and some of the best-cooked scallops I’ve ever had. And that risotto. <3
Chef Jason Paterno cooks one of the best pieces of pork I’ve ever tasted
Litchfield’s Diver Sea Scallops

So if you’re looking for your next foodie adventure, I highly recommend The Wigwam.


The Wigwam is pet-friendly!

As someone who always travels with their fur kids, I’m always looking for pet-friendly resorts. The Wigwam accepts pets (at $25 per day per pet).

You can learn more about the Wigwam at their website here or on their IG @wigwamresort. If you have any questions or want to connect with their sales or marketing team, you can contact me

I Tried The Burgers at IHOP/IHOB (Review Inside)

After a few glasses of wine at The Lincoln, in Venice CA, I was craving a cheat meal. Luckily for me, there’s an IHOP in walking distance from the bar. I bet IHOP makes a killing every Friday & Saturday with the 2am intoxicated crowds.

As an advertising professional, I always appreciate a good marketing campaign, so when I saw the uproar and madness that IHOP was changing their iconic name to IHOB, I had to check out their burgers for myself and compare it to their pancakes. Despite the importance of fitness in my life, I am a cheeseburger connoisseur. I probably have a cheeseburger 1-2 times per month and I truly savor those moments.

We ordered their Vanilla Spice pancakes (a brand new addition to the menu), even though my waiter strongly recommended the Mexican Tres Leches pancakes. As to be expected, these vanilla-infused pancakes were absolutely delicious.  However, because I cover my pancakes in syrup, sometimes I can’t tell if it’s the pancake I like or the syrup. Yolo. For those who don’t know, I’m allergic to chocolate but fortunately for me I’ve always preferred vanilla. Definitely recommend these pancakes for any pancake and/or vanilla lover.

I drown my pancakes in syrup. Send help.
I drown my pancakes in syrup. Send help.

Because I like my burgers like I like my women (spicy), we ordered the Jalapeño Kick. Wow was it spicy! Their jalapeños had a nice bite to them. I especially loved the addition of crispy bacon (which I shared with my kids). Just to feel less guilty about eating a cheeseburger at 1am, I split half with my friend. The burger had a little too much sauce but it was still a delicious cheat-meal.

Bottom line is that IHOP’s marketing campaign worked. I probably wouldn’t have gone into IHOP if it wasn’t for the temporary IHOB rebrand. Their burgers are definitely good enough for a burger lover and they had about 6-7 different burger entrees. However, I would say that IHOP does pancakes slightly better than they do burgers (which is to be expected). 

Final Verdict

Pancakes: 4.5 stars

Burgers: 3.5 stars

Roadtrip through Pet-Friendly Rosarito & Tijuana, Mexico

Entering & Bringing Your Dogs into Mexico

All my fellow pet owners will understand how much we miss our fur babies when we have to travel and leave them at home, especially if they always sleep in the bed with us. Well good news for those of you traveling to Mexico from the US…it’s very easy to bring your dogs into the country! At the border, I showed them an existing Certificate of Health that I had which also included proof of rabies vaccination.

Walking my kids along Rosarito Beach

What’s the best way to get into Mexico? I recommend driving down to the Mexico border from San Diego and parking your car in one of the many 24 hour parking lots they have (only $8/day) and then crossing into Mexico by foot.  If you try to drive your car in, the line can sometimes be up to 3 hours long. Why risk that when you can walk across by foot in a process that takes less than 20 minutes?

First stop was Rosarito Beach. We arrived on a Tuesday so this cute, colorful beach town was fairly empty, but this meant quick service at Acua Baja Bar y Mar for their famous pesto marlin fish tacos. By far one of the best tacos I’ve ever had. Who knew you could add pesto to tacos??

La Caja Galeria & MULLME : Museo De La Lucha Libre Mexicana

As an influencer, we sometimes get exclusive access & VIP treatment and both La Caja Galeria & MULLME Museo De La Lucha Libre Mexicana did not disappoint!

Located on a quiet street in a graffiti-covered warehouse, you wouldn’t even notice that behind the walls was the museum La Caja Galeria. A labyrinth of rooms, I could only imagine how much fun playing a game of hide & seek would be. We received a private walking tour of the entire museum (with a few surprises we can’t mention here) and a preview of the massive renovation that will help beautify & revolutionize Tijuana’s downtown cultural scene.

Awesome street art outside of La Caja Galeria

If you’re into comics or collectables, you’ll love MULLME. On the main floor, they have everything from Marvel & DC to local Mexican cartoon collectables. On the second floor is the largest collection of Lucha Libre collectibles in the world! Not knowing much about this iconic Mexican sport, I left YouTubing Lucha Libre fights.  This is can’t-miss-museum in Downtown Tijuana. The host Zaurel was incredibly knowledgable and passionate about his job which made the tour fun & interesting.

With @DashofTing at MULLME

Downtown Tijuana (Telefonica Gastro Park)

Downtown Tijuana is quickly being revitalized with a thriving restaurant & cocktail scene. One of the places that I got to check out was Telefonica Gastro Park which is an amazing collection of diverse food trucks from coffee to tacos to this ridiculously amazing bacon sandwich. If I lived in Tijuana, this would be oneónica-gastro-park-tijuana-2

Walking my kids in Downtown Tijuana

Have you been to Tijuana or Rosarito before? I would love to hear some of the places you recommend in the comments! Or you can always e-mail me And of course follow me on Instagram, @adamfrancisco & @befreemysheeple.

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