kids in cages

Hey Biden Voters…Where Is Your Outrage?

Hey Biden voters. Remember the pictures of kids in cages during the Trump administration? Turns out those pictures were from 2014 during the Obama/Biden administration. The media lied to you.

How are you feeling about these latest photos, from the current Biden administration?

kids in cages

Seems like Biden really loves putting kids in cages.

Where is the outrage?

KIDS IN CAGES History (with fact checks)

  1. Obama/Biden built the cages in 2014…/8ff96f3c-1532-11eb…
  2. Obama/Biden separated families first…/fact-check-did-obama-have…
  3. Trump inherited the cages and border policy such as family separation but shifted to zero tolerance…/how-the-trump-administrations…
  4. The media blamed Trump and even used photos from the Obama administration…/fact-check-obama…/3413683001/
  5. Trump stops this policy…/trump-says-he-ll-sign-order…
  6. Biden gets installed
  7. Now there are more kids in cages than ever before and the crisis is worsening.…/victor-joecks-biden…/
  8. As predicted, the mainstream media defends the Democrats and Joe Biden and downplays the situation. They also make up clever, gentle-sounding phrases like “overflow facility”…/11/migrant-youth-housing/

Demonize Trump for an issue. Defend, cover and protect Biden during a crisis. The bias is clear and the silence is deafening. The same people who were outraged in 2017 are seemingly ignoring the problem in 2021. Why?

If you voted for Joe Biden, ya got played, playa.

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