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New York City – The Sad State of Masculinity

New York City has fallen. Even worse, New Yorkers have become limp-wristed pussies. Where did the masculine men go?

On October 27th, an unhinged father sucker-punched a woman after he told her to tell him to take a “chill pill” and she did. It is worth pointing out that the attacker is Black and the victim is White only because we all know if the skin color was reversed, this would be national front-page news with “peaceful protests” aka riots in response. 

The problem with crazy people is you never know how crazy they are. And these days, you don’t even know who’s crazy. That’s why if you choose to engage with or challenge them, you’ve entered the casino of possibilities and this woman stepped right into the lion’s den. Personally, I would have recommended she ignored this man to stay off his radar but I do give her credit for standing tall and “acting tough.” 

What bothers me about this incident is two things: the first is the non-response from the bystanders and the second is that he behaved this way in front of his children.

Literally not a single person reacted, stepped in, neutralized the attacker or defended the woman. Everyone stood there with their dicks in their hands. Granted, the attacker was obviously crazy, violent and dangerous and the presence of a weapon was unknown. But what exactly were all of the men who witnessed this thinking? Surely one of them would have had the balls to step up and at least say something.

Chill Pill witness 1 Chill Pill witness 2 Chill Pill witness 3

If there was ever a symbol of a demasculinized male, it would be the presence of a face diaper two years into a pandemic when the vast majority of society is either vaccinated or has natural immunity. These men are followers who comply at every government demand, even when there is no science to back those demands, so perhaps I shouldn’t expect soy boys to step up in the face of adversity and take on a physical challenge.

Soy Boy definition

A lot of you are probably thinking, “would you have stepped up Adam?” First, I always have my dogs with me and their safety is my priority so getting involved in a fist fight is something I would do everything in my power to avoid. However, stepping between the two of them without further antagonizing the attacker is something I could see myself doing. These men literally do not react! I truly hope that the victim isn’t in a relationship with the man standing next to her. He is incapable of protecting her. He is a cuck, at best.

The second thing that I find most disturbing about this situation is that the attacker behaved this way in front of his children! We think that fathers in the household are a key element for successful childhood development but if this is the model of behavior the father sets for his children, probably not. Violence will be normalized to these children and I would imagine they too will behave similarly later in life. It’s a scary thought.

“We value the flash of a virtue signal, but not any value in action. We judge on words, but do not place value in doing the right thing.”

-Tara Szczepanski

I’ve always judged a man that assaults a woman or child, especially because men are generally significantly stronger and larger than women and children. In this example, the man appears to be 6’0″ and the woman appears to be rather petite (maybe 5’2″). He is a thug and needs to be brought to justice for this behavior. He has no respect for women. Say what you want about gender roles, but men should protect and honor women, not assault them. 

It’s interesting how most people will mind their own business in life and not step up when it actually matters but online social justice warriors will leap at every opportunity to shame you, harass you, terrorize you and cancel you. Few people are willing to put skin in the game. I expect more from men.

As Tara Szczepanski says, “We value the flash of a virtue signal, but not any value in action. We judge on words, but do not place value in doing the right thing. All the value is in saying the right thing, and the ‘right’ thing isn’t necessarily what’s right, but what aligns with the mainstream’s liberal left ideology and narrative.”

virtue signal

This is also an unfortunate reminder of why women should always carry. And if they are unable to carry because of city or state laws, they should move to a state like Florida or Texas where they’re able to. A gun is the ultimate equalizer against a significantly more powerful threat. As the saying goes, “a well-armed society is a polite society.” When you never know who’s carrying and who isn’t, your best bet is to avoid trouble.

New York City has fallen.

Make men men again

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