Biden Communist

The Biden Communist Agenda (Guest Author: Eric Wick)

The Biden Communist Agenda

Guest submission by Eric Wick

Those supporting the Biden Communist Agenda, you do know there’s no private property in communism, right?  No home or real estate… no business… no cars… no boats… no RVs…  you will own nothing, but labor will be forced from you.

Everything, including labor, is communal… hence communism. The State owns everything and decides who gets what.

Who’s the first Biden supporter willing to hand everything over? I expect crickets.

There’s a hidden reason behind shortages and draconian mandates on small and private businesses; the Regime wants them destroyed. You’ll probably see calls for the nationalization of large corporations soon, too. (Walmart, Amazon, FB and Twitter, etc)

No religion in communism, either, since the Party is the highest power. Hence the attack and degradation of Christianity.  

The best way to bring on a socialist state is to divide the people against one another, even to the point of violence (race, politics, mandates, etc).  Once they become violent, you can deem your opposition as “terrorists” and disarm them with gun control.

Once they are disarmed, you can further subjugate them with food, energy, health and labor shortages, further increasing the need, and demands, for government intervention.

Local, county, and even state police departments are vilified, while nationalized police forces, like the FBI, are venerated.  The FBI and other nationalized security forces are becoming more like the stasi, gestapo, or NKVD.

This is but a snippet of how a communist revolution looks like… and it’s exactly how this country looks like right now.

It’s not a conspiracy to students of history; it is a reality.

Author: Eric Wick

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