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From An Unvaccinated, But Naturally Immune, New York State Nurse Being Fired

From An Unvaccinated, But Naturally Immune, New York State Nurse Being Fired

The below was written by a New York State nurse who has chosen to remain anonymous for the time being. She was a frontline healthcare hero in 2020 working directly with COVID patients.  In April 2020, she contracted COVID, quarantined from her family, and immediately went back to work with minimal PPE. This year, she was given the ‘choice” to get vaccinated or be fired. Due to her medical history of getting Guillain-Barré from a flu shot, her doctor recommended that she do not get the COVID vaccine due to the high-risk for a more severe reaction. Despite her entirely legit medical and religious exemptions, she was denied.

“I am not worried about me possibly passing the virus to anyone more than I am worried about a vaccinated person passing it. I wear my PPE and am always careful. Yes, the vaccine can help those who are more vulnerable stay safer but it is not stopping the spread! If I am unvaccinated and I contract COVID I can spread it. If I am unvaccinated I am more likely to have a symptom meaning I would most likely quarantine myself and protect others. If I am vaccinated and contract COVID I can also spread the virus. Just because my symptoms are less, or I might even be asymptomatic, the virus is the same – therefore I would be spreading the same way an unvaccinated person would.  

The problem I actually see is that some vaccinated people are using the vaccine as a false sense of security. As for natural immunity, I personally do not believe I need to be vaccinated if I have plenty of antibodies. To me, it just means if I happen to be exposed again and I am reinfected, my body will fight it the way it did the first time. The reinfection rate of someone who had COVID previously is far lower than those who received the vaccine and then were diagnosed with COVID after.

All in all, I am not getting the vaccine because there is no benefit for me, only risk due to my medical history. I have a medical exemption from my primary doctor and my company denied it.

At the end of the day I believe people should make their choice based on what is best for them. I hate the divide and I hate that people are obligated to talk about their medical treatment. This is such a violation. I hate that unvaccinated people are being looked at as the cause for the continued pandemic when that is not the case at all.

I am being forced to leave my profession. This so not by choice at all. And it’s the hardest thing I have ever had to do.”

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