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Instagram Deleted These Posts (Big Tech Censorship)

My Instagram account is at risk of being deleted which means I, like many other free thinkers, must step on egg shells for the time being. I wanted to share the 3 posts that got flagged for not following their community guidelines so you can make the decision for yourself. Big tech censorship is real.

Instagram Community Guidelines

The one question I have is what determines if Instagram fact checks a post versus removing it for not following community guidelines when the community guideline that you’re violating is “harmful false information”? Mind-boggling.

And before we get into it, I am currently shadowbanned. Normally if you start typing someone’s username into the search bar, it’ll populate before you finish their name (predictive technology). When you’re shadowbanned however, you need to type in the person’s complete name. This is one way that Instagram tries to suppress voices they do not want being heard as it hinders discoverability. One of the many tools of big tech censorship.

Once you’re on their radar, big tech just waits for ways to finish you off. So for now, I’m going to be a good boy on @adamfrancisco. It will be non-political content, such as pictures of my dogs, food and travel. I’ve even made it private. All of my spicy content will be on @befreemysheeple.

As Brandon Tatum says, “let’s get into this.”

December 29, 2020 – My 1st Strike

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the story,”A man repeatedly using the N-word during a racist rant in an Ohio gas station was hit so hard with a can of twisted tea to the head that it exploded.” You can watch the original video here.

Given that the man was deserving of this entertaining beatdown, I thought it would be funny to combine my theme music with a flashing photo of SoHo Karen. This apparently violated their “bullying or harassment” policy. I don’t understand who is bullying or harassing who? Am I the bully or are the people I featured the bullies? The man being clocked and SoHo Karen were both guilty of some level of racism so my post should be considered anti-racist.

What I don’t understand is why the original video, as well as many other remixes, are still all over Instagram if my video is considered “bullying or harassment”? I don’t even know what guidelines I violated when they inconsistently apply the rules.


March 21, 2021 – My 2nd Strike

I have never claimed COVID is a hoax. COVID, the virus, is real. I know because I am a survivor. It started with extreme sunlight sensitivity for 2 days followed by a runny nose like a goddamn faucet for 2 days. Then I lost my sense of smell and taste for 3 weeks. It was all very strange. I also had rapid heartbeat on and off for 2 days. However, like 99.98% of people my age (per the CDC), I survived.

COVID is real. The global reaction to it was overblown which is why you’ll hear people refer to it as a “plandemic” or a “hoax.” Sure the lockdowns and mask mandates made sense the first few weeks/months as we gathered the facts, but after that, it became clear that they were all part of ushering in an agenda, a “great reset”, to “build back better.” This was a coordinated attack against our liberties.

As many of you know, I was in Sayulita for a few weeks where 95% of people do not wear masks. Therefore, I thought it was funny to share a video of a packed bar and caption it “COVID doesn’t exist if you pretend it doesn’t (add your fact checkers IG).” This was clearly sarcasm. I posted it knowing that I’d get fact-checked, but not thinking I was violating the community guidelines of “harmful false information.” Sarcasm is a threat now. Memes will be next.


April 22nd, 2021 – My 3rd Strike

What’s interesting about this post is that I originally uploaded it to @befreemysheeple and then shared it as a story on @adamfrancisco with the caption “does anyone need $1M”? The story on @adamfrancisco got taken down almost immediately as “harmful false information,” (which again, not sure why a fact check wasn’t enough), but the original post on @befreemysheeple was untouched.

It isn’t just content that they’re going after. It’s specific people that are sharing content that they’re going after.

Instagram 3rd Strike

If you’re curious, here’s the fact check from what I’m sure what is an agenda-less organization Why not just fact check my post? Why remove it and strike it?

The inconsistent application of rules is how big tech is able to make them up as they go along and target specific voices. If we are unable to clearly understand what the community guidelines are or how they apply them, they can essentially remove whatever content (or people) they want and hide behind the ambiguous, shadowy “community guidelines.”

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