Don’t Be Afraid of Change (I’m Moving to Thailand)

When I tell people I’m moving to Thailand the first reaction I get is a double-take and a “Wait … you’re MOVING to Thailand?” and the second question is usually “are you nervous?” and I really don’t know what there is to be nervous about.

I didn’t get this reaction when I told people I’m moving to LA which in comparison to moving to Thailand feels pedestrian. That move was met with an eye-roll by most New Yorkers (“you traitor”). I think people ask if I’m nervous about moving to Thailand because they are plugged into the matrix and it just sounds like such a wild and crazy idea that the concept takes them out of their cozy little paint-by-the-numbers comfort zone and into an unknown abyss of uncertainty and adventure. I’m innately a risk-taker so I haven’t felt nervous once…just excited.

Ever since I became a “traveler” 5 years ago, I’ve become more worldly and appreciative of everything I have (and less focused on the things I don’t have). Things, material goods … none of that stuff matters. What matters most (to me) is the freedom to wake up every day and do what I want (with my kids 🐶🐶) because when this life is over, I want to look back at it, feel like I lived a fulfilling life and mic drop. Papi out.

Moving to Los Angeles 3 years ago was the greatest change I’ve ever made : I learned to live in the moment, de-prioritize work, escape a 9-5, create my own career, re-focus on health (I lost 20 pounds and 10% bodyfat) and really live. Without my time in LA there would be no move to Thailand.

Los Angeles isn’t the solution for everyone and I have no idea how long I’ll be in Thailand for, but I applaud all my fellow change agents who took themselves out of their comfort zones and did something epic like pack up their entire lives and move somewhere else. And if you haven’t done it, do it. Maybe you’ll hate it, but you can always move back.

Don’t be afraid of change. 🗽➡️🌴➡️🇹🇭

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Be Free My Sheeple.

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