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COVID Brainwash Is Real

I was going to wait until tomorrow to write this but I wanted to share this story while it’s fresh and piping hot!

As many of you know, I left Puerto Vallarta for the smaller beach town of Sayulita. They say good things come in small packages and this city lives up to that expression. Despite being a cozy beach town that you can cover by foot in 1 day, the energy, the vibe and the nightlife make the city seem much larger. This is a haven for digital nomads, backpackers, crypto enthusiasts and hipsters.

Earlier in the day a girl in a red dress caught my eye. She looked like the dancing emoji brought to life. As Saweetie said, “that’s my type.”

Dancing Emoji

Sayulita is such a small city that you’ll often come across the same people multiple times in one day. This is why when I saw her at a nightclub hours later I wasn’t surprised. 

I decided to strike up a conversation and ask where she was from.

“San Francisco.”

Now before I get into my response, I want to share a video I watched a month ago by the amazing traveler blogger Peter Santenello (if you haven’t subscribed to him yet, do it). He visited San Francisco and was appalled at what a number COVID fearporn has done to the citizens of San Francisco. The COVID brainwash is real. He explains his experience of walking around SF with his mask down, while outside and socially-distanced, being cursed out and having fellow human beings treat him like he was a leper. It’s quite amazing what propaganda has done to the mental state of so many Americans. 

My first thought when she said “San Francisco” was “shithole” given their draconian measures to “slow the spread” but I kept this thought to myself and instead offered what I thought was a much more polite “I hear the people in San Francisco are really scared of COVID. Do they really wear a mask even when they’re alone?”

As a side note, even CNN, a mouthpiece for liberal propaganda, had to admit that Florida has thrived despite completely opening up in May 2020. It must have hurt them to write this article. Numbers don’t lie. You can read the article here.

DeSantis COVID Florida

Immediately she was offended and retorted “Haven’t you heard that there’s a pandemic?”

I thought I was being cute when I said “What pandemic?”

Nope. She didn’t like that response.

Her: “Are you serious?”

Me: “I already had COVID. It wasn’t that big of a deal.”

Her: “So you had COVID and you don’t believe in it?”

Me: “No I believe COVID exists. I think the pandemic is overblown and the global response is unwarranted.”

Her: “I don’t want to have this conversation. Go away.”

I left. I learned a long time ago it’s not worth getting into an argument or debate at a bar. Clearly we view the pandemic very differently. I view it from a science-based perspective (99.98% survival rate for people <49 according to the CDC) and she views it from a media-based perspective of “stay home, save lives, you’ll kill grandma if you go out” … except she was literally at a packed nightclub, massless and with a group. lol

CDC 99.98%

She wasn’t staying home. Like me, she was at a nightclub, not wearing a mask, and not socially distanced. She was in a group of at least 7 people. Her behavior mimicked mine: traveling internationally during a “dangerous” and “deadly” global pandemic and acting as if we were still in late-2019. A logical, rational person would look at her behavior and assume she wasn’t taking the pandemic as seriously as she should, given her visceral reaction to my view on COVID.

(Remember, I already had COVID. I have antibodies and some level of immunity. Her? I have no idea. If anyone should be at a club, it’s vaccinated individuals and COVID survivors).

This is why her reaction was so jarring to me. 

If you’re going to shame someone for not thinking COVID is that big of a deal, you better be taking it as seriously as the CDC and mainstream media recommends. I want to see three masks (not two, and certainly not zero). I want to see you staying home (in which case we never would have met). I want to see you lining up to get the vaccine. I want to see you socially distancing (not with a group of 7 girls at a nightclub, huddled up).  I want to see you obsessively washing your hands and slathering hand sanitizer up to your elbows. 

When your behavior completely contradicts your view of COVID’s severity, you are in no place to question my view of “maybe the global reaction was overblown.”

Remember, I’m a COVID survivor. I have antibodies coursing through my veins. And even if I didn’t, I have T cells, which have been proven to be the heavy-hitters in terms of long-term immunity. You can read about it here.

COVID T cells immunity

And as far as reinfection risk, even the CDC says “cases of reinfection with COVID-19 have been reported, but remain rare,” which you can read about here.

CDC covid reinfection

The bottom line is you need to pick a lane. Either you take COVID seriously and you follow all the CDC guidelines or you realize and accept that your behavior directly contradicts your moral grandstanding, virtue signaling and holier-than-thou attitude. People like this are so brainwashed and mentally compromised that they don’t even realize their behavior flies in the face of their “beliefs.”  There’s only one expression that fits more perfectly than a triple-mask…

Be Free My Sheeple.

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