Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

Taco Bell, Bring Back The Mexican Pizza


So I remember reading a few months ago that Taco Bell was going to get rid of the Mexican Pizza. I guess my memory failed me because I thought this was going to happen sometime in November. I just went to place an order on Uber Eats and to my extreme dismay and heartbreak, I cannot find a Taco Bell that is selling the fabled Mexican Pizza.

Let me back up for a second and explain my relationship with this perfect meal that could only be created by the gods.

24 years ago, I remember having Taco Bell for the first time. Of course I ordered the tacos. My mom however, ordered the Mexican Pizza. The child in me thought, “But pizzas aren’t Mexican!. That can’t possibly be good.” My mom told me to try it. I took my first bite and it felt like heaven slapped me in the face while ecstasy punched me in the jaw. This was a foodie’s dream. The beef, the cheese, the beans and the taco shell-as-pizza crust made for the perfect medley of flavors meet textures, salsa-dancing inside the interior of my mouth all the way down to my stomach.

“This is perfection” I thought. Heaven truly exists. I was ready for food monogamy.

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

As I got older and my tolerance for spiciness increased, I learned that their Diablo hot sauce made for the perfect complement. They say the key to a long-lasting relationship and long-term happiness is to “spice things up,” and that’s exactly what I did.

Like Jordan and Pippen, this was a championship-winning dynasty, 6-0 in the finals and without ever playing a game 7.
For the past 24 years, the Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell has been my go-to meal, not just at Taco Bell, but in life. I estimate I have ordered this meal at least 480 times (20 times a year seems reasonable). And from a nostalgia standpoint, it always made me think of my mom as I ate it, who first suggested I venture away from their standard namesake taco and try their more exotic items like pizzas from Mexico.

So you see, when I saw this item was forever gone from the menu, it triggered an emotional reaction. I sit here typing this longing for the return of the Mexican Pizza. Like a stuffed animal lost at an airport and left behind, I feel alone, empty, and weak (most likely because I’m hungry).

I am proud that 135,000 other Mexican Pizza lovers signed a Change petition.


Change.org Mexican Pizza Petition

I too will add my signature and hope that Taco Bell brings back theirs.


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